by The Joy of Painting

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Recorded live to 2" tape at The Brown Owl in Berry Hill, TN, September 10th & 11th, 2011.


released February 16, 2012

Produced by The Joy of Painting and Chris Payne. Recorded in Nashville, TN by Mark Zellmer & Chris Payne at The Brown Owl and Chris Payne at The Situation Room. Mixed and Mastered by Chris Payne at The Situation Room.

All songs written and jammed by the Joy of Painting.

Assistant Engineering: Aaron Larson, Adam Stroop and Jordan Fenton

Special thanks to Garrett Thomson, Melissa Mills, George Pauley, Omega Delta Psi, Ronnie and Barbara, the Roods, the Placketts, the Tolchins, the Pages, the Poskitts, the Noreens, the Mullens, the Hausers, all of our families and awesome friends who have supported us unconditionally. We couldn't do this without you.

Also, thank you to all the amazing bands we've played with and made us feel welcome. King Arthur, Leftmore, Mom and Dad, Kansas Bible Company, One Big Owl, Play. Dance. Repeat., the By Gods, and many others.



all rights reserved


The Joy of Painting Nashville, Tennessee

Colorful and delicious like your favorite cereal, full of groovy gravy beats and mom-approved hooks.

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Track Name: Old Love
I took you to a show cuz there’s nothing else to do
what is there for lovers when love is nothing new?
We wore out our hello, goodbye is lookin’ good
cuz apathy the creature is acting as it should

Lifetime is a long time to keep this up
there’s not even a ring and I’m running thin on luck
So what should we do?
Change the subject to something new

Every couple days my mind starts to wander
I’m look for a women cuz my feelings aren’t as strong
but you don’t understand my love for you is there
but the thought of eternity is something I can’t bare

Maybe the fire’s still there
Maybe we’ll share a head stone
Maybe my feeling is right
Maybe we’ll die alone
Track Name: No Bones
I've got no bones to stand on my own
I tried to be alone, that's not gonna go
weaker than some fresh cut guts
oh I just wanna go back

I just wanna go home and heal these bones

cos friends are the enemy
oh the closer they get the faster they burn your bark
they'll cut you down and they'll sell you out
no doubt

And I don't even wanna start
with these lead-filled darts
You know I got an open heart
so tear me apart
cheaper than a bitch in heat
oh I just wanna go back

I just wanna go home and heal these bones

cos I am your enemy
the closer I get the faster I burn your bark
I'll cut you down oh I'll sell you out
no doubt

Why are you so different now
a selfish girl complaining how
a boy like me's no good for you
but apart we're certainly doomed

worthless like a dollar bill
oh i just wanna go back

I just wanna go home and heal these bones
Track Name: Try Try Try
I need a friend
someone I can depend on
mend my ways and
heal all my scars on
and I need that more than I need myself

Don't have a home
a place to roam in
get lost and scared
and wind up all alone in
and I don't see that as a threat to anyone else

Why do I gotta collect all the pieces
putting them together always seemed easy
all that was white suddenly went black

I want a road
One that's always open
put on a record
and quit this fuckin' mopin’
cuz Andy’s got it bad, maybe worse than I do

Protect the sea
it’s the only thing that sacred
I’m makin’ days that
aren’t meant to be makin’
good god sweetheart, it’s a tricky thing lovin' you

Why do I gotta collect all the pieces
putting them together always seemed easy
all that was white suddenly went black

when I wake up
from this dream, or so it seems
I loose sleep, and if that's true,
is this dream just a dream?

I want my lover
she's over in Indiana
I thought I told her
it's not something that you plan
but I didn't give up, I tried and tried and tried

We can try
altering our fate, dear
it's never late
at least that's what I feel
I never give up, I'll try and try and try
Track Name: The Bird
I’ve sat and thought on all my options
and all my options have you
but we both know I need to grow
you need to believe in me too

Sometimes a bird needs
a push from the tree
into the arms of the one he loves

So will you wait for me?
wait for me to stand
on these two bird legs
and fill my head
with the things that I’ve done right

Then maybe we could align

I tried to say in every way
that I was perfect as is
but this ain’t an auction
no sales pitch concoction
so I better shut my lid

You don’t need
to chew my food and feed me
like some baby bird

So will you wait for me?
wait for me to stand
on these two bird legs
and fill my head
with the things that I’ve done right

Then maybe we could align

I built all my branches and took all my chances
and today is the day I jump
as long as the bird that’s down on the earth
is you and only you
Track Name: The Instrumental Track
I love the instrumental track
there’s no words that I gotta sing back
no “peace on earth,” no hippy shit
it’s best if you just got over it
I keep pressing repeat
cuz the instrumental track
can’t be beat

When I was your age
a decade or so ago
I remember alcohol
was a friend when I was low
when I was sad, those sadder songs
made me cry
all the songs about broken hearts
were a lie
now that’s why…

Now I’m pushin' pennies
strumming this vintage piece
I guess not much has changed
different songs on a different street
Now I’m bitter and those bitter songs
made me hate
every song I’ve ever sung
and the money I'll never make
so I say…

I hope in seven years
this song is dead
like wishes and dreams
of young college men
put down your guitars
it’s no use
pick up the paper
you’ve got so much to lose
Track Name: My Personality
It’s been a couple months now
and I’m starting to get impatient
the girl who left me behind
well she didn’t believe in waiting

So loneliness is okay
just as long as it's in spurts
I don’t need to find love
I'll just run with whatever works
but lately it seems...

That I’m never getting laid again
women just won't have it
is it something about my personality
something that gets the best of me?
Do I never say the right things?
or is it that all the songs I sing
aren’t about you?
They'll never be about you

I tried to be a nice guy
but you know what they say
the more that I give to you
the more you take away

But I’m not trying to be bitter
I'm just doing what I can
I had a few spare minutes
To melodicize this rant

I know what you're doing
I know all the lines
you don’t want to touch me
because I never was your type
well we both know that’s a lie

Does it even matter
that all the girls just walk away?
I'm always the best friend
a cycle that never ends
I just want someone to hold onto
someone to spoil
before these heart strings
are unable to uncoil
Track Name: From The News
Blonde on blonde
and blue on blue
I don’t have the heart
to tell you the truth
so why can’t I
taste your tongue
I just wanna have fun
while I’m young

I dreamt a dream
but what’s the use?
Friends are better off
when they don’t have a clue
so why can’t I
hold you now
if you could hear my thoughts
you’d turn them down

So make the first move
cuz I’m terrified of losing you
my hands shake from the news
of the one you chose

Forget what I said
it was a slip of the tongue
so let's just go out
and fill up our lungs
with the first things
money can buy
and if I’m gonna die
I wanna die by your side