Tender Age

by The Joy of Painting

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Feelin’ kinda foolish Like you’re not yet grown You’ve got high definitions Of things still unknown Maybe when you’re older You’ll age into insight Right now you're a child Workin’ on getting that right High definitions It’s gonna take some time To make the division Do you understand What’s right in front of you? I bet that you’re clueless About what you’re gonna lose I wish I had a trick To keep it all in line But lucky, lucky me I’ve had time to define You know it when it hits you You feel it when it breaks You learned the definition It puts you in your place
Dontchu wanna Stay over, sleep late Watch TV, get laid Make love or whatever it’s called today? Dontchu wanna Make coffee, cook food Talk straight in a good mood I need to do it the right way ‘Cause once in a while I get so lonesome Get so lonesome I feel alive Nothing’s more pure than an empty bedroom An empty bedroom where my love died Dontchu wanna Make plans, make vows Put on a record, play it loud ’Cause it feels so good at a tender age Dontchu wanna Get married at 23, Seal our fate for eternity And lock up my beating heart in a cage ’Cause once in a while I get to thinking Get to thinking about my life Nothing’s more pure than correcting your wrongs Correcting your wrongs to make it right
Oh, it’s been a year or so Ever since I held you close And read your notes I just want you to know That it’s true I don’t know what to do We slip into an old routine The lines and the scenes Were never in my dreams And I don’t know if you need a sign Take the evening to press rewind Oh darling We’ll find a way to get Back to romance I’m trying to say That I’m not against a second chance So as long as we get back to romance You, I wanna make you stay I wanna keep you on my side Straight through the night There’s nothing I won’t try I know you wanna take it slow But darlin’ you’ve on my mind For a long time And I’ve got to make you mine I don’t know if you’re just confused Come on baby we’ve got nothing to lose
Ghost 03:24
There’s a ghost in my house She creeps through the halls I had a name for her Now I don’t She’s got long dark hair And deep brown eyes Her skin’s all pale in the wintertime And I don’t know what she looks like And I don’t know what she loves She changes when I see her She changes every time Oh I see a ghost every night There’s a ghost in my house She doesn’t let me sleep There’s a part of me That doesn’t want no peace But when I look into that mirror And I see my shallow face An exorcism is all I really need If I put on your favorite record Will you come back? Maybe Rubber Soul, or Mama Cass?
I'm Reelin' 02:57
I wanna know if you understand I gotta know if you’ve got a plan I wanna see if it’s you and me I gotta know, gotta know I’ve got a knot in my stomach My feet can't keep still I tried sleeping without you The hardest part of the deal I’m reelin’ I need a way I can close my eyes Shut you out of my line of sight You can sleep in your big brass bed I need a way, need a way
Good Mood 02:52
I woke up today in a good mood I can’t say that it will last I’m not even sure if that is true But things change fast I woke up today with a bug in my ear He told be to go back home The last thing I plan to do this year Is do what I am told How rad! But how long will this good mood last? I woke up today in a good mood I feel like I’ve got some luck There’s no way to know if that is true Is luck enough? I woke up today with a thorn in my side But it won’t keep me down And I could sleep ’til the end of time But I’d feel like a clown
My eyes are heavy My heart is weak My hands are shaking I’m losing sleep I fill my lungs Just to make it easy I wanna do whatever I want to Even with my reckless ways When I lay my head down I didn’t think I’d make it through the day I know I’m young but I feel so old My ankles click My eyes roll I don’t wanna be bitter I want a heart of gold


released May 21, 2013


all rights reserved



The Joy of Painting Nashville, Tennessee

Colorful and delicious like your favorite cereal, full of groovy gravy beats and mom-approved hooks.

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